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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish The Sentence


Today I am finally doing a Finish the Sentence link up with Holly and her boo thang Jake.  I've always wanted to take part in this linkup but never pulled the trigger. Not afraid now!!

If I had one extra hour in the day...I would hide. All by myself. In a closet. And eat allllll the things.

I wish my name was...not so stripper-esqe. I am not sure what the parents were thinking, but Misty and Mindy? Really? It's almost like they were starting our career on the pole early. They should have just spelled it Miss-Tee.

I think anything chevron is...related to gasoline. For the longest time, when people referred to chevron, I thought they meant the gas station. I always called chevron patterns on clothing zig zags. Now I know what it is. I don't own any. But it sure is cute on my daughter!

My last nightmare...was horr.i.ble. I don't even like trying to remember it. I went through about a 2 week period where every night I was having nightmares. Then I realized falling asleep with Dexter on was probably not helping.

Sometimes...I put all of the clean clothes that have been sitting in my laundry basket, unfolded and wrinkled, for a week back into the wash and rewash it. And that may or may not happen 2 or 3 times before it gets put away. Who am I kidding?? That happens more than sometimes!

My last meal on earth...would be a Mexican Fiesta!! Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, nachos, chips & salsa, guac, queso, tamales. I would eat it all and I would put my middle finger up to My Fitness Pal without any guilt!! And then I would pray that that was truly my last meal because that would be hell on my stomach and bathroom!

I would much rather  ____ than _____....hang out in a small room with a gorilla than go to a circus and risk running into a clown. Don't laugh. I sweat just thinking about clowns.

Mayonnaise...is a necessary evil that smells like eggs and reminds me of the word that I hate most on this planet. Starts with an M and ends with an oist. The sound mayonnaise makes when you put the knife in the jar is dis.gus.ting.

10 years ago, I didn't think...I would be living back in Smallbany, remarried. Thank God destiny changed my path!

Selfishly...when I get Kohl's rewards, I use them before my daughter finds out that I have them. She doesn't need any more clothes anyways. She could clothe a small village from head to toe.

My favorite T.V. show right now is...Big Brother. I am obsessed. Watch the live feeds, after dark, read the blogs, twitter, etc. Aaryn is the debil.

George Zimmerman...has a special place in hell. Nuff' said.

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