Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Start of week two and weekend trash

Yesterday was the two week mark. In two weeks I lost 7 pounds. I almost gave up on Thursday. I almost gave up on Saturday. Oh and I almost gave up yesterday. I confess...I ate a Carl's Jr. western star burger last night for dinner. And then I immediately went on a 2 mile walk. Oh and I paid for that burger all night long. STOMACH CRAMPS FROM HELL!!!! So today I realize that while it tasted like heaven, it was not worth it. No more cheating. NO MORE FAST FOOD. I am determined. We went out for dinner Saturday night at Red Robin and I found the lowest calorie item on the menu and it was actually really good. If we are going to eat out, I will find a healthy alternative. I can and will do this, because if I can lose 7 pounds, I can lose 14.

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