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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Defeated? No way.

Got on the scale this morning and weighed 177.0. It's 5 pounds less than I was when I first started this weight loss experiment journey. I was a little, no a lot, sad that it wasn't more than that. I lost the first 4 so quickly, so to lose only one pound in a week was a little defeating. But I am not giving up. I am one week and 3 days in and I know I have it in me to keep going.

I started doing Zumba at home on Wednesday morning. It was hard as hell. The moves are somewhat hard to learn, but as I am watching, I can see the muscles that each move is intended to work. So knowing that I am working muscles that haven't been worked in a long time, I am excited to see the results. I am still walking about every 2 days or so with Matt and if it's raining, then I work out with a video. I have only taken one day off. I feel like I am addicted to working out.

Eating...that's been difficult. I've found some easy stuff to eat for lunches. Steamed veggies, with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Lite and Lemon Pepper is my favorite so far. I mix up different veggies each day. Breakfast is usually a smoothie, or oatmeal with honey and a banana. Dinners are hard, but Matt has been very good at helping me figure out things that are low calories but still good enough for him to eat. Snacking is always a fruit or veggie. Cucumbers, strawberries, apple slices. I am learning to portion. I put baby bell peppers in a ziplock bag instead of eating all of them in one sitting. I eat 2 tacos instead of 4. Hopefully I am doing it right...who knows. It's still early.

I thought about making this blog public before the month was up, but this afternoon changed my mind. I really want to make sure that I stick with it, and am learning and able to help others at the same time. So for now it's still a secret!!

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