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Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 5...ugh.

So today is day 5. 5 days of counting calories and attempting to do some sort of exercise everyday. I have struggled to be good already. The evening of day one concluded with me demolishing half of a chocolate Easter Bunny. I ate that thing in 2 seconds. Serious. I am surprised I didn't wake up the next morning with chocolate smeared across my face. Felt beyond guilty and woke up the next morning and did a 25 minute cardio video. Man are the instructors on those videos annoying. Thank goodness for iTunes and my headphones. I am slowly learning how to spread my calories out over the day. The first day I didn't eat until lunch and then I had a smoothie. A smoothie for lunch?? Who does that? That poor bunny had no chance in hell after I ate a damn smoothie for lunch. 
The hubs has been beyond supportive. Helping me figure out ways to make dinners that we can both enjoy. We had turkey tacos for dinner one night and have decided that we will always cook with turkey meat from now on. Buh-bye ground beef!! Night 3 I had spare calories (700 of them!!!) so I decided to enjoy a few Peeps. Well after not having sugar like that for 3 whole days, I almost tossed the one and a half peep that I got down, back on to the floor. WOAH was that sugar rush that my tummy was not appreciating! So odd to me that it only took 3 days for my stomach to disagree with something that I have eaten my whole life. 
Day 4 I weighed myself (okay who am I kidding, I weigh every damn day.) and OH MY LANDS!!! I lost 4 pounds. 4 pounds!! 4 MOTHER EFFING POUNDS!!!!!!!!Big deal? No? WELL IT IS TO ME!!! Especially since I gained 2 on day one. So, technically, I lost 6. But we will just go with 4! 
Zumba videos are on their way. I am so excited. I will probably still put my headphones in though. I just love my own music!! Getting up at 6:45 to exercise is rough. But the one day I didn't do it (yesterday) I was so overwhelmed with guilt that I went home after work and immediately went for a 2 mile walk. 
Am I doing all of this right? Who knows. But I am feeling a little bit better about myself everyday. And I am going to stick with it. I am beyond determined this time!! 

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